Al naqaa Filters

About Us

Alnaqaa filters for installing a variety of filters, as well as water purification and cooling systems.

We concentrate on offering all water purification solutions for home use as well as water purification goods for commercial usage.

Al naqaa Filters

Our Mission

Providing complete water purification units and services and sterilization tools.

 Providing value to our customers by improving the quality of our products while lowering prices, protecting the investment, and protecting more people.

includes a recognition of the critical role that clean, healthy water plays in today’s world-saving efforts.

Water-related diseases claim the lives of five million people each year. As a result, when we say something, it is accurate (Pure Water Saves Life)

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Al naqaa Filters

Our Vision

We strive to

  • We make sure that everyone, everywhere has access to safe and affordable drinking water at home.

  • To be a leader in the field of filters and provide them with low cost and high quality.

  • We aim to enable everyone in low-income communities to have access to the filters and everyone knows where to buy them.

  • We Focus on the best water filters available at the lowest possible price.

Al naqaa Filters

Our Services

  • RO system for drinking water

  • Commercial water purification system

  • Whole House water Filteration system

  • Shower filter pure bath

  • Water dispenser with RO system

  • Water chiller

  • Industrial RO system

  • Maintenance contracts

  • Tanks cleaning

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